Monday, January 19, 2009

Teflon Sister

Last night I had a dream that I started a band called Teflon Sister. I don't know what I did in the band or who was in it, but I was making a paper mache hippo that said "Teflon Sister" on it's side, and it had false eyelashes. My mom came in my room and woke me up while i was putting mascara on the hippo's eyelashes, so I was like "MOM! What's Teflon mean? I had a dream I was in a band called Teflon Sister!" and she's like "Teflon Sister? That sounds good! Teflon is like syran wrap, sometimes people use it to describe people that nothing sticks to..." and some stuff about how she isn't teflon.

I googled "teflon sister" to see if it was from something I might have seen lately...but it seems to be absolutely nothing, all I saw was a story about some guy nick named Teflon, and at one part they talk about his sister.

Anyways, I'm gonna make some paper mache stuff and post pictures on here, and ask Peter if he wants to be in a band with me...Teflon Sister.


  1. hahaha... Oh, Google Teflon Sister in quotes and you'll get exact matches of the phrase. There were a few people calling their sisters "Teflon Sister".

  2. hahaah this is so funny. I hope you and Peter start Teflon Sister. It seriously sounds really legit.